December 8, 2018

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 What?                   Where?
Professional and
student scientists
sharing the best
social insect research
in the North East.
Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University, Philadelphia, PA
until November 16th

Annually since 2012, the Social Insects in the North East Regions has brought together a diverse, creative group of students and scientists to share the remarkable advances of social insect science in the North Eastern United States.

Presentations are all centered in social insect systems, but cover a wide range of topics, including: behavioral ecology, microbiomes and symbiosis, pollination, agricultural applications, neuroanatomy, and much more.


This conference builds lasting research relationships between scientists at all stages of their careers. In addition, it provides an excellent opportunity for students and postdocs to receive feedback on their work from knowledgeable senior level researchers and peers.

O'Donnell Lab

Research in the O'Donnell lab addresses questions at multiple levels of biological organization (individuals, social groups, and ecological assemblages) and across levels of causation (genetics, organismal and social physiology, and the evolution of brains and behavior). 

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Russell Lab

Research in the Russell lab investigates the functional significance and evolutionary histories of symbioses between animals and bacteria. The lab's interests are strongly rooted in ecology and evolution, and utilize both experimental and molecular tools symbiotic interactions.

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